Driver Training in Atlantic Canada

Canada moves by truck and your career can too!  Enjoy the freedom of the open road with the security of a successful, growing multi-billion dollar industry.  Join the more than half a million Canadians employed by the Trucking Industry!

The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association members, in partnership with the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic, endorse the industry-developed truck driver training standard.  This is a 12-week training program offered by various schools in Atlantic Canada.  The program consists of a minimum of 8 weeks at a professional training institution and a 4-week internship with a host fleet / coach.
Upon successful completion of the 12-week program, graduates receive a certificate recognizing their success from the trucking industry of Atlantic Canada.
For more information on this training program, please contact:



Trucking Human Resource Sector Council Atlantic


Driver Training Schools offering the 12-week industry-recognized program 

NOTE: Training providers offer VARIOUS programs — be sure you’re taking the 12-week program!

Edmundston Campus