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Dispatcher Professional Skills 

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Corridor Interactive 
To help organizations comply with important regulations, APTA has partnered with Corridor Interactive, specialists in producing online learning to support policy and program implementation.  Through customized, sustainable learning packages, your supervisors and employees can acquire the knowledge, skills and resources they need to move smoothly through the most challenging procedures.  Furthermore, Corridor's unique tracking and monitoring features produce a detailed audit trail of each employee's learning process, providing a basis to validate compliance, due diligence and learning effectiveness. 


The APTA Online Driver Training Service gives you unlimited use of a complete library of online training courses for one low monthly fee.

With more than 35 titles in the library - covering hot-button topics like safe driving, HOS & Logbooks, vehicles inspection, cargo securement , and TDG - and more added regularly, you'll never run out of content for your driver training programs. Plus, content is availalbe in multiple forms - full length courses, mini-module refreshers, and standalone knowledge tests - so you'll have the flexibility you need to handle orientation, remedial training, and ongoing driver development.  You can even add your own content if you like. 


Trucking HR Canada
Dispatchers are the face of your fleet.  They are the ones who answer customer questions, schedule loads and deliver information to drivers. 

Maybe this explains why the headset-wearing employees have been found to play such a key role in driver satisfaction, performance and turnover.  And you can be sure these issues will become even more important as today's driver shortage continues to intensify.  

Trucking HR Canada can help with the following courses: 

-  Dispatcher Interpersonal Skills is a 20-hour program covering conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills, managing stress and the art of multi-tasking.  

-  Dispatcher Professional Skills is a 20-hour course that focuses on resource management, profitable routing, legal requirements and avoiding empty mileage.

Safety Services NS 

Safety Services Nova Scotia (SSNS) is a leading not-for-profit safety services provider for road, occupational and community safety.  SSNS has grown by responding to the needs of their members and the general public.  In-class instruction, practical training and online options are available to meet the continuous changing needs of our industry.

Their services are designed to reduce risks and injuries and to ultimatly reduce the bottom line of businesses and human suffering. 

List of training available:  

-Workplace Hazards: Identification, Assessment and Control
-Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
-The Joint Health and Safety Committee
-Canada Labour Code Part II Orientation
-Confined Space Awareness
-Due Diligence for Supervisors
-Fire Safety
-H2S Awareness
-Incident Investigation
-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Awareness
-Positive and Progressive Discipline
-The Respectful Workplace
-Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
-WHMIS Refresher
-Working Safely Alone
-Workplace Inspections 

Thinking Driver Inc.
Thinking Driver Inc. is a training and staff development company that has been providing driver training, developmnet, implemnetation and consulting services throughout Canada and the United States. 

Their team of instructors, writers, curriculum developers and implementation specialists are able to address your driver or vehicle safety issues.  Their goal is to provide you with the best quality training and development services available to government and industry, and to have a positive effect on driver and worker safety. 

Contact SSNS for more information by calling 1-902-454-9621 ext. 230 or by email